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Joe Maddon’s ploy to use medicine man to turn around Rays doesn’t work

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays skipper Joe Maddon, a peculiar fellow in his own right, even when things are going good, is open to just about anything if it would help turn around the horribly slumping ball club that is his charge.

Heading into Monday’s game against the Seattle Mariners at Tropicana Field, the Rays had lost 12 of 13 games and were owners of the worst record in Major League Baseball, 24-40.

Since neither the “Dad Cologne” ploy in the clubhouse that later morphed into a “Sex Panther” bit translated into a run of wins — or competent baseball, even (and they had nothing on how he brought in Penguins to the clubhouse once in an effort to get players to “chill out” — Maddon set his sights on employing the mystical qualities of the natural world by bringing in a medicine man in a desperate attempt to turn around the team’s season before it is too late.

That’s how Bobby Henry, a 77-year-old Seminole medicine man, ended up at the Trop on Monday before the game. Maddon hoped Henry could conjure up some positive mojo for the struggling squad.

“We just turned him loose on the Trop,” Maddon remarked, via the Tampa Bay Times.

The Rays manager noted how Henry apparently utilized his metaphysical talents to bring some rain to Tampa during the 1980s, and Maddon joked rain isn’t exactly what he had in mind in bringing the medicine man in, but it does indicate the man may have otherworldly abilities.

“I guess this guy made it rain in Tampa in the mid ‘80s at some point, so he’s got some supernatural powers,” Maddon said. “If it rains in the Trop, I’ll be really impressed.”

Henry took a spiritual stroll around the field prior to Monday’s 1:10 game against Seattle and upon completion, said the Rays were ready to “go get it.”

So, did it work? Nah, not so much. The Rays continued to be miserable, getting blanked by the Mariners 3-0, the team’s third loss in a row.

On the bright side — or more accurately, the cloudy side — as the Rays took its first at-bat of the game, it began pouring outside.

So, in essence, Henry’s ability to invoke rain is still on point. So that’s nice.

But it did not help the Rays, at least on this day. Better luck next time, Maddon. Maybe he should contact that Long Island Medium broad or something next time.