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Darryl Sutter presser montage an exercise in cringeworthy awkwardness (video)


For all the skill, knowledge he has demonstrated as head coach of the Los Angeles Kings and unquestioned success he has brought to the team during his tenure, his press conferences reveal either an utter distaste for interacting with the media or a profound uncomfortableness with the entire process.

Sutter has been at his best — or worst, depending on one’s point of view — during this season’s Stanley Cup Playoffs as it relates to pressers, so “Hockey Night in Canada” put together a montage showcasing the hilarious awkwardness that are the hallmarks of a typical Darryl Sutter press conference.

Dubbed “The Entertainer,” the video’s title is ironic at best or flat-out inaccurate at worst, again depending on one’s particular point of view.

Fantastic. The way he stares out blinking into the bright lights with a sense of discomfort or irritation while barely answering the questions asked of him is delightful.

To properly illustrate exactly how awkward Sutter can be over an extended period of time during a presser, here’s some footage from his press conference following the Game 6 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks during the Western Conference Finals.

Hoo boy. Painful and cringeworthy, but also highly entertaining and amusing in an understated sense. But his perceived disdain for the media makes him something of the Gregg Popovich of NHL coaches. You know, without the whole “Almost Making Reporters Cry” thing.

Still, Sutter’s run of success with the Kings cannot be questioned. Courtesy of Monday’s 3-0 shutout of the New York Rangers, the Kings with a 3-0 series lead have a stranglehold on the Finals and are one game away from securing the the team’s second Stanley Cup during his tenure.