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Adriana Lima’s World Cup commericals are vuvuzela-honking good (videos)


Given that the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil mere days, who better than Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima to convince xenophobic Americans to embrace the game known around the world as futbol in the coming weeks?

In a couple of commercials for Kia, Lima states her case succinctly and sexily. To wit:

Hummina hummina. Who else has been afflicted with World Cup Fever?

Oh, and just a note on the title of this post: Thankfully, steps already have been taken to silence what was expected to be the 2014 World Cup’s version of the vuvuzela. Remember the vuvuzela? That blasted noise-making irritant that made it nearly impossible to enjoy watching the World Cup the last time around? Not only will vuvuzelas likely be heard in the coming weeks, it’s presumed successor is a no-go as well in light the presumably annoying chunks of plastic have been banned.

Called the caxirola, it’s a plastic thingy filled with tiny beads that makes a hissing sound when shaken, and it’s been banned. Thank goodness.

Then again, as evidenced by the innuendo-tinged title of this here post — a bit previously employed by yours truly regarding a patriotic Katy Perry rocking a skin-tight dress to support the U.S. squad during the last World Cup — the option to write something like, “Adriana Lima’s World Cup commercials make you want to vigorously shake your caxirola” would have been a nice option for this here blogger. But so it goes.

Hey, at least we have Adriana Lima, right? Things aren’t so bad. Not bad at all.