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New York Yankees draft a Kenny Powers lookalike in MLB Draft (photo)


Generally, a player drafted in the latter rounds of the Major League Baseball Draft doesn’t generate much fanfare. In fact, more often than not, it’s hardly noticed, save for true baseball diehards.

But when a player picked that late in the draft bears an uncanny resemblance to a fantastic character from a cult television show? Well then, that gets noticed.

The New York Yankees selected Sean Carley, a relatively nondescript pitcher out of West Virginia, in the 14th round of the MLB Draft last week. What makes Carley somewhat remarkable, though, is just how much he resembles Kenny Powers, the crass but loveable baseball-playing cretin portrayed by Danny McBride in the HBO show, “Eastbound & Down.”

Just how much is Carley nearly a spitting image of the beloved character? See for yourself, as the MLB Network recognized the similarities between the two last week, something noticed by Carley himself and subsequently tweeted by the Yankees draftee.

Fan-freaking-tastic. But a few things are standing in the way of Carley rocking the Powers look in a Yankees uniform one day. For one thing, the Yankees have a strict policy against its players rocking such an unkempt look, in particular the facial hair. Secondly, Carley himself said, perhaps recognizing how his new team looks upon his look, said he intends to clean himself up a bit once he starts playing in the minors.

“I may not look like Kenny Powers when I begin in the minors,” Carley told Florida Today. “But I guaranteed at some point he will make a return.”

Aw man, that’s a shame.

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