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Royals ball boy fields fair ball, hands it to fan, kinda learns lesson (vid/GIF)

A Kansas City Royals ball boy suffered an unfortunate gaffe during Sunday’s game against the New York Yankees while manning the right field foul line at Kauffman Stadium.

During the top of the 4th inning, the poor kid fielded a fair ball off the bat of Brian Roberts. And then, unaware he just interfered with a live ball, handed the ball a young Royals fan. Oops. Roberts was awarded a ground rule double, by the way, as is always the case when incidents such as this one occurs.

This obviously is not the first time a ball boy or ball girl has handled a live ball, nor will it be the last. But what makes what happened on Sunday so amusing is what transpired involving the ball boy later in the game.

In the very next inning, a foul ball was hit his way, but the kid, perhaps learning his lesson and then misapplying the wisdom gleaned from it, refused to get up from his seat and chase down the foul ball (GIF via Deadspin):

Fool me once, yadda yadda yadda. Although in a sense it was much less an example of a lesson learned than it was a youngster being a little gun shy following an embarrassing moment.