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Dwyane Wade could be fined for embarrassing flop on Manu Ginobili (video)

Forget the drama and consequences of”Cramp-Gate,” the latest lazily applied moniker to provide meaningless fodder for an NBA Finals talking point could be “Flop-Gate,” relating to Dwyane Wade’s egregiously embarrassing flop on Manu Ginobili during Game 2 between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs on Sunday night.

Gregg Popovich immediately yanked Ginobili off the court as Wade’s acting job resulted in the Spurs star’s third foul in only the latter stages of the second quarter.

Here is another look at the flop in GIF and video form (via SB Nation):

Ugly stuff.

Granted, unlike “Cramp-Gate,” which arguably may have contributed to the ultimate outcome of Game 1 — a Heat loss — the most that can happen as a direct result of D-Wade’s sad flop — other than getting Manu off the court — is that he could be fined $5,000 by the NBA should the league determine that it was indeed a flop according to the rules.

So, in the end, the flop paid off for the Heat and Wade: Ginobili got pulled, Wade was awarded with two free throws and in the end, the Heat came up victorious, winning Game 2 98-96 to even up the series as it heads to Miami.

It is difficult to ascertain just how much of an impact — if any — what occurred as a result of D-Wade’s flop had any lasting or material impact on the game. And unless the NBA starts punishing flops more severely, players will continue to roll the dice and hope their feigned gesticulating like a crappie flopping about in the bottom of a boat results in a foul call on their opponents. The risk of being fined $5,000 for possibly getting a talented opponent in foul trouble? Seems like a beneficial exchange for the flopper.