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Yadier Molina drills Nori Aoki in head with toss back to mound (vid/GIFs)

A player standing in the batter’s box has enough to worry about when dealing with balls being thrown in their direction at often-absurd speeds from the direction he is facing. To have to be concerned about getting popped in the side of the head by a ball coming from behind them? Well, that’s just unfair.

But that’s what happened to Kansas City Royals outfielder Nori Aoki during Thursday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals. After taking an inside pitch from Cards righty Michael Wacha, Aoki accidentally was directly in the line of fire of catcher Yadier Molina’s toss back to the mound.

And when he was hit, Aoki, presumably quite surprised at the unanticipated reverse beaning, dropped to the ground like a bag of dirt (GIFs via The Big Lead):

Obviously an accident, Molina instantly attended to Aoki after Bizarro World-plunking him. Aoki ultimately turned out to okay, even hitting an RBI double in the sixth inning that helped turn a 2-0 Royals deficit into a 3-2 lead and an eventual win by the same score. Good for him.