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Philip Rivers rocks mullet wig as disguise to play in softball league? (photo)


Apparently, San Diego Chargers players Phillip Rivers, Danny Woodhead and Eric Weddle are taking part in a weekly recreational softball league.

Since relative anonymity presumably is something at least Rivers would like to maintain, the quarterback supposedly has taken to putting on a disguise of sorts before showing up the ball fields. And said disguise is highlighted by a absurdly fantastic mullet wig thingy. Check it out.

Hoo boy. Now that’s a look, kids. Nice shorts, too. They go really nice with the nearly-knee-high socks. Here are some photos of who is assumed to be Woodhead and Weddle.

Is one of them — it’s hard to tell which is which since the two are not standing together (had they been, it would have been easy to identify the diminutive Woodhead) also rocking a mullet wig or is that natural hair? Hard to say, but let’s hope it is the former, not the latter.

And how about having to play a team featuring three world-class athletes? Thankfully, most rec league softball leagues are more about beer-drinking than game-winning, right? At least that’s been my experience.

[H/T Bolts from the Blue, via Sporting News]