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Mexico soccer coach poses with Tom Brady, pretends to not recognize him (photo)


Mexico’s national soccer team is playing a friendly at Gillette Stadium against Portugal on Friday night, and the team’s head coach, Miguel Herrera, happened to run into an individual who happens to call the New England Patriots’ home turf home.

Yep, at some point on Thursday, Herrera and Tom Brady posed together for a photograph somewhere inside Gillette Stadium, evidence of which the coach tweeted out to his 306,000 followers.

Along with the pic, Herrera tweets, “El me pidió una foto no se quien es, ni si a ganado algo, pero le hice el día al chavo” followed by a series of emojis.

Those who are fluent in the Spanish language are led to believe by what the coach wrote that Herrera has no earthly idea who the (American) football player he is standing next to. Loosely translated, Herrera writes, “He asked for a photo, I’m not sure who he is or if he won something but I think I made his day” followed by the aforementioned emojis.

Zing! Maybe if Brady was wearing one of his trademark goofy hats Herrera would have recognized Brady instantly.

It can be reasonably deduced, however, as noted by SB Nation, that the emojis seem to indicate that Herrera had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he offered up that tweet, feigning ignorance regarding the identity of one of the most famous athletes not only in this country, but one of the better-known athletes in the world.

Good stuff. Well done, Senor Herrera. Well done, indeed.