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LeBron James, Erik Spoelstra address ‘Cramp-Gate’ with the media


The primary talking point following Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs not surprisingly almost entirely revolved around LeBron James cramping up on multiple occasions during the game. It also spawned a bevy of amusing but heartless memes as the Internet can be a cruel, cruel place.

Either as a direct result of AT&T Center’s malfunctioning cooling system or simply exacerbated by it, James ultimately could not continue playing in the latter stages of the 4th quarter in a game the Heat ultimately lost.

Again, not surprisingly, the topic of in-game cramping was the focus of conversation when LeBron and head coach Erik Spoelstra met with the media on Friday.

Here are the most relevant quotes from James’ interaction with reporters:

James then somewhat sidestepped a question about how Gatorade mocked him on Twitter, but made it clear he wasn’t impressed by the smart asses behind the sports drink’s social media operations:

And about the aforementioned social media mockery? ‘Bron doesn’t care.

Finally, LeBron discussed how he felt he let the team down by cramping up.

And then, to sum up the entire mess, Spoelstra stepped to the mic and gave the controversy an apropos moniker:

Heh. Cramp-Gate. A much better name than how I was referring to it: “Painful-Involuntary-Contraction-Of-Muscles-Typically-Caused-By-Fatigue-Or-Strain-Gate.”

Yeah, that’s a bit too wordy, huh?

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