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Bryce Harper’s next stage in thumb rehab following surgery? Lots of PS4 (pic)


Washington Nationals second-year slugger Bryce Harper has been out of action since April 25 when he suffered a torn ulnar collateral in his left thumb when sliding into third base head first on a triple.

He was place on the disabled list the following day, undergoing surgery shortly thereafter, where he tweeted a “thumbs-up” pic post-procedure (above), albeit with his good one.

Initial estimates were that Harper would be fully recovered and back in the lineup by July 1, a date that still appears to be a realistic goal.

The next step in Harper’s rehabilitation of his damaged digit apparently will involve “thumb mobility” action courtesy of some video game action on his PlayStation 4.

Via D.C. Sports Bog:

“He says he’s not getting caught up in timetables,” MASN’s Dan Kolko reported during Thursday’s win over the Phillies. “He said, ‘I’m not going to rush back, I’m not going to do anything stupid.’ He’s more just focused on progressing day to day. He’s still not able to catch balls because of that left thumb, still not able to hit, just kind of going through range-of-motion exercises and he’s going to start using some PlayStation to work that thumb back into gear as he tries to make progress.”

“Wow, maybe the greatest rehab ever,” Bob Carpenter said. “PlayStation for a broken thumb; never had thought of that one.”

“That’s all the kids need to hear,” F.P. Santangelo said.

Greatest rehab ever, indeed. Now that’s the kind of grueling rehab I could handle! Sign me up, and I don’t even have a busted-up thumb.

Let’s just hope Harper doesn’t get too comfortable with the laid-back lifestyle and kinda fibs his way through extending his rehab time a bit longer than needed. That’s something I would do. Then again, I’m not a world-class baseball player. But I am profoundly lazy at times.