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Arian Foster uses Motown, sad face sign to reach out to Andre Johnson (video)

Andre Johnson likely caused some hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth among Houston Texans fans — no to mention the organization — when he was a no-show for the team’s OTAs last week.

Of course, attendance at the Texans OTA was on a voluntary basis, so perhaps Johnson’s absence was more much ado about nothing than anything else.

On the other hand, Johnson has expressed frustration during the offseason, opining publicly whether or not Houston was where he belonged, leaving many to wonder if Johnson has played his last game in a Texans uniform.

While Johnson’s NFL future remains to be seen, one person “ain’t too proud to beg” as it relates to letting Johnson know that there’s one person that wants him to stay.

Johnson’s teammate, Arian Foster, took to social media on Thursday to plead with Johnson to stay. And he did so by posting an Instagram video featuring a still where of Foster sitting below a poster of Johnson while holding a sad face sign with The Temptations’ Motown classic, “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” playing as a soundtrack.

It’s subtle demonstration of genius. And smacks of self-parodying desperation. Good stuff.