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Spurs fans go all out for Finals with Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard haircuts (pics)

If you gotta support the team, you might as well go out, right? Apparently, for two die-hard San Antonio Spurs fans, that means having a highly skilled hair artist shave the visage of their favorite Spurs player into their head.

Meticulously and expertly etched into the scalps by Rob Ferrel, founder of Rob the Original Barbershop in San Antonio, two Spurs fans showed their support for the team as it prepares for its Game 1 NBA Finals showdown with the Miami Heat on Thursday night with fantastic new hairdos.

On Wednesday, Ferrel posted evidence of his profound talents in the field of hair artistry talents with a few pics showcasinghow he shaved Spurs swingman Kawhi Leonard into some dude’s head.

And on Thursday, perhaps saving the best for last, in tribute to the Spurs unquestioned leader, here’s Tim Duncan in the medium of hair.

Masterful work. Simply amazing. Well done, Mr. Ferrel. Well done, indeed.

This isn’t even the first time this season that someone has used their hairstyle to show their love for the Spurs. You may recall the “Mount Spursmore” haircut from earlier this year.