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Moment of silence observed at Yankee Stadium in memory of Don Zimmer (video)

Baseball lost a legend when Don Zimmer passed away at the age of 83 in Florida on Wednesday. Zimmer spent 66 years in the game he so loved 66 years as a player, manager, coach and adviser. Zimer even was married on a baseball field in 1951 (for those interested, Zim’s obituary in The New York Times is a must-read).

Heartfelt tributes are being said and sweet memories are being recalled of a man and perhaps it’s only fitting that the New York Yankees, the team where Zimmer served as consigliore to Joe Torre through the team’s dominance and World Series championships during the duo’s tenure, were playing a game at Yankee Stadium the day after his death.

Before the Yankees took the field to play the Oakland Athletics in a matinee game on Thursday, a moment of silence was observed to honor and mourn a true baseball icon.

Yankee Stadium Paul Olden read a tribute to Zimmer as a photo of the great man looked down upon the field from the stadium scoreboard.

“Your attention please … ladies and gentlemen. Before the playing of today’s anthem, let us take a moment to remember former Yankees coach Don Zimmer, who passed away yesterday,” said Olden, via the New York Daily News. “Don, a two-time All-Star during his playing days, spent 66 years in baseball as a player, coach and manager. As the Yankees Bench Coach from 1996 to 2003, he was an instrumental part of six American League Championships and four World Series Championship teams. Beloved by everyone throughout the game of baseball, his knowledge of the game, wit and smile will be missed by all that he came in contact with. Don Zimmer was 83 years old.”

Classy. Rest in peace, Don Zimmer. And our sympathies to his family, friends and loved ones.