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Matthew McConaughey used to wear a headdress to Redskins-Cowboys games?


On Wednesday, we noted how Matthew McConaughey paid a visit to Washington Redskins OTAs with owner Daniel Snyder. The Hollywood megastar was taking part in a “Movies with Morris” charity fundraiser of course involving running back Alfred Morris.

While making the scene in Redskins Nation, McConaughey sat down for an interview on, uh, “Redskins Nation.” That was one redundant sentence.

During the ten-minute interview, McConaughey regaled host Chris Hanburger with stories about how a good ol’ Texas boy became a Redskins fan instead of a Cowboys fan and how he would aggravate Cowboys fans by wearing a headdress to the stadium whenever the Redskins came to town.

As transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog (video here):

“So I’m born in 1969,” he began. “1973, watching Westerns with my dad, Cowboys vs. Indians, and I’m rooting for the Indians. It starts with that. Later that year, I realized my favorite food is hamburgers. Well you’ve got a linebacker, No. 55, Chris HaNburger, with an N, who loved to wrap somebody up, maybe give ‘em an extra yard, then throw ‘em down and then walk around like I didn’t go down with you. So it started with that as a four-year old, where you’ve got your favorite food and you’re rooting for the Indians in a western.

“And then it went into John Riggins, the Fun Bunch, the Hogs, everything Joe Gibbs,” McConaughey continued. “John Riggins, 3.4-yard average per carry over his career. And I always loved saying, if you run him first down you get 3.4, run him second down it’s 6.8, run him third down it’s 10.2, that’s just enough for a first down.

[Note: Riggins actually averaged 3.9 yards per carry. But the point stands.]

“So I’ve always been a Redskin fan,” McConaughey said. “And I grew up outside of Dallas, so I was on my own. It’s all right. The Dallas fans, they didn’t like the Redskins. They didn’t like that I would show up, painted in burgundy, with the headdress and stuff. But they didn’t throw much stuff either. It was all right.”

All right, indeed.

One thing about the actor’s goofy getup: Thank goodness this occurred in a different era. If he wore a headdress to a game in this day and age? Well, Clive Clemons would have something to say about that:

clive clemmons inappropriate

So, what can be gleaned from this story is that Matthew McConaughey had a certain kind of flair all the way back during his childhood. Good thing said childhood flair didn’t precipitate an incident where a disgruntled and drunk Cowboys fan chucked a whiskey bottle at him during a game, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. That would of course mean the world would have been deprived of the supreme acting talent.

And that, my friends, would not have been alright, alright, alright. Right?