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College football fan selling LEGO replicas of famous stadiums for $400 (photos)


It seems as if LEGO and sports have become inextricably intertwined over the years, and with the Internet, we have come to see more and more examples of fans creating amazing replicas of stadiums (see here and here), exhibiting dedication, patience … and a butt load of plastic bricks.

Not only that, LEGO artists have created “brickafied” versions of players and even have recreated significant sporting events using LEGO bricks and stop-motion filming.

But one LEGO enthusiast is attempting to turn his hobby into a profitable business endeavor by selling LEGO replicas of renowned college football stadiums.

After seeing the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ tweet about a LEGO Memorial Stadium (above), Brett Thiessen, the aforementioned entrepreneur, began tweeting out images of his college football stadium artistry.

But Thiessen has not limited himself to college football stadiums. There is also a Dodger Stadium LEGO replica available for sale as well.


The cost to make one of these bad boys your very own? $400, available on his Etsy page. Sure, none of these replicas are as painstakingly constructed nor rely upon over 1 million LEGO pieces used to make this Ohio Stadium replica, but still, not too shabby.

[H/T Dr. Saturday]