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Ian Poulter stands on bridge railing, hits shot to within 15 feet of a pin (video)

Ian Poulter is something of an oddball, quite the eccentric fellow, especially for the world of golf. From his unique choices in wardrobe to his quirky personality both on and off the course, the English golf star easily is one of the most compelling personalities currently playing professional golf.

Case in point: Check out the little trick shot Poulter pulled off.

Referred to as “Golf Tips from the Pros,” the video is some kind of tie-in with Cobra Puma Golf.

Poulter stands on a bridge railing, addresses a golf ball set atop it and proceeds to take a whack, knocking the ball within about 15 feet of a pin from a pretty far distance. Damn impressive. I don’t even care if that took several takes.

The money quote: “It’s been 25 years since I was wearing a nice, tight leotard.”

Perish the thought. Here’s an idea, Mr. Poulter: Never mention wearing a nice, tight leotard ever again, much less actually wear one.

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