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Waivers were needed to include Colin Kaepernick’s tats in ‘Madden 15’ (photo)


The longtime slogan for EA Sports is “It’s In The Game.” Now, as far as Colin Kaepernick is concerned, his much-celebrated tattoos are “in the game” as well.

Not only does Kaepernick get to celebrate a new 6-year, $126 million contract extension this week, he’ll also be able to marvel at the sight of  his tattoos being prominently featured in video game form.

According to a report from Darren Rovell, EA Sports and the NFLPA have obtained the authorizations needed to include the San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s body ink in the upcoming “Madden 15.”

But not from Kaepernick, the individual logic would dictate would have to grant permission — if anyone at all — to the video game company. Nope, EA Sports had to get the go-ahead from the tattoo artists whose work is prominently featured on the quarterback’s arms and upper torso, many of which are quotes from the Book of Psalms.

In fact, Kaepernick told Jim Rome last year that it was his wish to have his tattoos included on his video game avatar. But his hopes were complicated by the policy implemented by EA Sports and NFL Players Association whereby waivers needed to be signed by the artists who designed and did the tattoos before their work could be used.

Since Kaepernick’s tattoos were done exclusively by two artists — Nes Andrion of Endless Ink in Reno, Nev., and Orly Locquiao of Humble Beginnings in San Jose, Calif. — it was a relatively simple task to accomplish.

Ipso facto, Kaep’s tats are now in “Madden 15.” One of the first screenshots from the game, set to be released on Aug. 26, tweeted out on Wednesday, featured the Niners QB … and his tats.

“We want to be as authentic as possible, so we were pleased that Colin was able to secure the rights to the tattoos,” said Seann Graddy, senior producer of “Madden 15,” told “There’s a ton of buzz around this. In this game, we only have Colin’s tattoos, but we’d love to secure the rights to the tattoos of other players in the future.”

It’s in the game, indeed. Soon, hopefully. Before you know it, these games will be so detailed that moles and other skin imperfections will be highlighted on players.