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Colin Kaepernick wears dollar bill socks, signs contract with quill pen (pics)


The big NFL news on Wednesday is that the San Francisco 49ers finally locked up franchise quarterback Colin Kaepernick, signing the gifted signal-caller to a six-year, $126 million contract extension, a deal that means he could be in a Niners uniform until 2020. A whopping $61 million of the huge payout is guaranteed, according to’s Ian Rapoport. The development means that Kaepernick will not be playing next season under his rookie contract, which would have paid him a paltry $1 million, something that had it occurred would have been a borderline travesty.

So, how does one sign such a mega-buck mega-deal? That’s easy: By signing mega-deal, mega-buck contract with a nifty quill pen.

The quill pen bit has become something of a thing lately with the 49ers, as Marcus Martin and Blake Costanzo both got all fancy on the quill pen tip when signing their contracts.

But the high-styling Kaepernick did not end the events surrounding his new contract pass without adding some flourishes courtesy of his wardrobe. While he was dressed casually in shorts during a presser on Wednesday, Kaepernick accessorized with some socks with dollar bills on them, a fitting nod to becoming an incredibly big money quarterback.

Fancy. To illustrate how fitting wearing money socks when discussing a huge contract extension that make him an immensely wealthy man, right now this here blogger currently is wearing socks with pennies, an unwrapped Starburst and pocket lint on them. Sigh.