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Brandon Kintzler warms up while fan is treated after fall into bullpen (video)


During Tuesday’s game between the Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park, a fan fell over a railing in the outfield and plummeted 15 feet to the ground inside the home team’s bullpen.

The fan was treated, placed upon a stretcher and ultimately was taken to a hospital. The last word on his condition was that he was recuperating from his injuries. A Brewers spokesperson said that the man was “conscious and alert” during treatment and transport.

Brewers reliever Brandon Kintzler had an unfortunately up-close look at the aftermath of the fall as paramedics treated the fan. Despite the scary scene, Kintzler said after the game that he had to warm up before entering the game in the 8th inning … as the entire frightening incident was playing out nearby.

“It’s not something you want to see. They’re basically giving this guy CPR and I had to warm up,” Kintzler said. “It was tough. It’s not the best thing to see at the time.

TMZ has obtained video of the reliever going through his warmup routine as medical personnel tended to the injured fan.

Awkward. But, as they say in the business, the show must go on. You gotta feel for Kintzler, though. That had to be tough. Although not as tough as what the fan who just slammed into the ground from 15 feet up, but still tough.