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Alex Morgan does some major booty-shaking in ‘Swimsuit Issue’ video (GIFs)

Members of the online ogling community — not to mention the offline eye-humping population — surely recall how United States women’s soccer star Alex Morgan was one of the athletes featured in the 2014 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You know, because not only is she a supremely gifted soccer player, she’s also something of a looker (see here).

Well, thanks to the Internet — as well as Sports Illustrated — we now have video documenting what occurred behind the scenes during Morgan’s “Swimsuit Issue” photo shoot. Sure, there’s some silliness and skullduggery, but more importantly, there was a bevy of mind-blowing booty-shaking as well as a self-imposed snuggy action.

And thanks to Busted Coverage, we now have GIF goodness highlighting said mind-blowing booty-shaking. Enjoy…

…and you’re welcome. Consider mind blown.