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Vladimir Guerrero hits 50 Cent’s horrible first pitch in hilarious mashup (video)

Vladimir Guerrero, the free-swinging slugger who spent parts of his illustrious career as a member of the Montreal Expos, Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles, has not played in a major league game since 2011 — he officially announced his retirement in March — but his legend lives on.

One of the more notable aspects of Guerrero’s approach at the plate was that rarely did it happen that he was presented with a pitch he did not like. Or, at the very least, a pitch he wouldn’t feel perfectly comfortable with taking a wild and violent swing at, no matter its proximity to the strike zone.

Given some thought, the memory of Guerrero’s aggressive at-bats perfectly coincides with 50 Cent’s terrible ceremonial first pitch before a New York Mets game last week, video of which immediately went viral. Fitty’s pitch was so awful, in fact, that it was later reported that it had to be part of some kind of publicity stunt.

That’s when the wisenheimers at MLB Fan Cave come in. Using some video editing trickery, they have combined Guerrero’s free-swinging ways with 50 Cent’s awful pitch. And the result? Magic.

Fantastic. Here’s another look.