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NHL logos get cool updates courtesy of characters from ‘The Simpsons’ (pics)


With the Stanley Cup Finals set to drop the puck on Wednesday night when the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings go toe-to-toe for the opportunity and glory of hoisting the most coveted trophy in all of sport, why not take a look-see at how one clever graphic artist updated several NHL logos using characters from “The Simpsons”?

Simpson, eh? Why not, indeed, right?

Let’s move forward with it, then. The impressive graphic artistry comes from the talented minds behind ak_47 Studios that were posted to the outfit’s Instagram account.

“Ahoy hoy” and all that and whatnot.

All of them are fantastic, and it’s worth noting that this season’s Stanley Cup combatants, the Kings and the Rangers, are represented by “Fat Tony” and little Lisa Simpson.

While all of the logos perhaps may have some kind of subtle meaning linking the beloved “Simpsons” character to the logo/team they represent, some are clearer than others. For instance, it’s a no-brainer that Marge Simpson was used for the St. Louis Blues due to her blue hair.

Having the New York Islanders logo featuring the “Sea Captain¬†Horatio McCallister” also makes a lot of sense.

And how about “Grandpa Simpson” being used in the logo of the San Jose Sharks? Given that Grandpa once was a member of the “The Flying Hellfish” during World War II and a shark could be considered a hellfish of sorts … there you go.

But arguably the best one of all is how the Springfield’s schoolyard toughies were used for the Philadelphia Flyers, a/k/a the “Broad Street Bullies”? Genius.

I suppose “Bumblebee Man” could have been used instead of using Homer for the Boston Bruins, but now were just splitting hair. Er, hairs.

It’s too bad Hans Moleman wasn’t used, although he is more closely tied to getting hit in the groin with a football as opposed to being drilled in the face with a hockey puck.