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Minor league baseball teams to wear jerseys inspired by Nordiques, North Stars (pic)


As a lifelong resident of Minnesota who still feels the sting initially felt in adolescence when Norm Green packed up the beloved North Stars and escaped to Dallas, all I can say about this promotion is this: It hurts so good.

It’s been a long time since the Quebec Nordiques and the Minnesota North Stars were NHL organizations. Change that, it’s been a long time since the Noridques and North Stars were NHL organizations playing in Quebec and Minnesota.

Of course, the Nordiques moved to Denver and became the Colorado Avalanche in 1995. The North Stars — sporting arguably the best hockey jersey ever — ditched the old, decrepit Met Center in Bloomington, Minn., for the warmer and less litigious (writer’s speculation regarding Green — look it up) climes of Texas, becoming the Dallas Stars.

This is what makes the upcoming promotion involving minor league baseball teams from those spurned regions such a stroke of genius.

The Quebec Capitales of the CanAm League will square off against the St. Paul Saints of the American Association in an interleague match-up being dubbed, Soirée Hockey on Wednesday night.

The Capitales will of course don jerseys inspired by the classic Nordiques sweaters of yesteryear and the Saints — who play in the hometown of Minnesota’s new NHL franchise, the Wild — will wear sweaters with a distinct North Stars vibe.

Again, as a lifelong resident of Minnesota who still feels the sting … yadda yadda yadda.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on both my North Stars hooded sweatshirts and top those with my North Stars jersey … and weep. And probably sweat quite a bit, too. Yes, it does get warm in Minnesota sometimes. But not warm enough to ever melt that cold, black, frozen heart of one Norm Green.

Yep, still bitter. Incredibly, incredibly bitter. But if I can, I will be buying one of those North Stars-inspired Saints jerseys. And remain bitter.

[H/T Puck Daddy]