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Cleveland restaurants starting to go gaga for Johnny Manziel (except one) (pics)


To say that Cleveland Browns fans in and around the city in which the team plays have been going a little Johnny Manziel Crazy ever since the organization drafted him would be something of an understatement.

Quite frankly, why shouldn’t the fans be a little overexcited about the possibility that the brash rookie quarterback may be the one who finally lifts the starting signal-caller curse the team has been suffering through for what seems like forever?

I mean, look at the two images contained in this post and in this post, both of which more than adequately illustrate just how woeful the Browns’ pursuit of a franchise quarterback has been over the past 15 years?

With than in mind, it should come as no surprise that even Cleveland-area bars and restaurants are beginning to worship at the altar of Manzielism. It’s not only a way to celebrate the arrival of Messiah Manziel, it is also a business-savvy move in that it capitalizes on the current craze in Cleveland sports and likely will draw in customers.

The first such example to surface — and there will be many, many more to follow — is City Grill. Based in Toledo, about 100 miles outside of Cleveland, the eatery is touting its “Johnny Football Burger.”

Yep, the Johnny Football-inspired sandwich is a four-decker burger, folks. Although the image in the promotional sign does not appear to be four burgers. But oh well, a four-decker burger for only $9.99? That’s a helluva price. Someone has to get a photo of one of those bad boys.

Better yet, someone should let us know how it pairs with a nice, cold pour of some refreshing Johnny Man’z Ale. Now that would be a Manziel Meal Deal right there.

Of course, be prepared, Clevelanders, for Manziel Mania to only ramp up at local restaurants … except for this one (via The Kevin Burke Project):

Wonder if they have a Brian Hoyer Burger. The only problem is, much like Hoyer, tables at Stamper’s Grill Pub don’t suffer from a lot of turnover(s), meaning sales aren’t all that brisk. Okay, that’s a reach for a joke, but still, not too shabby, right? People like myself that worked in the restaurant biz can appreciate that one.

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