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Yankees fan holds sandwich in mouth so he can applaud Robinson Cano (video)

Robinson Cano was lustily booed upon his return to Yankee Stadium in late April, his first appearance at his old stomping grounds in a Seattle Mariners uniform after signing 10-year, $240 million mega-deal and heading to the Pacific Northwest.

But even though the vitriol level directed at Cano was high, at least one Yankees fan was willing to improvise his in-stadium dining experience in order to show his appreciation for the many years of great baseball Cano played in pinstripes.

The Mariners made a brief pit stop in the Bronx to make up a game postponed in that aforementioned late-April series on Monday. A Yankees fan wouldn’t allow bad blood, bitterness or even a partially eaten sandwich interfere with giving Cano a nice round of applause.

The fan stood, with sandwich placed securely in mouth, not in either hand, and gave Cano an entirely different kind of Bronx cheer than the stereotypical one.

Bravo, good sir. Now only if someone would have rewarded the guy for his valiant behavior by offering to buy him something decent from a concession stand. Seriously? A friggin’ sandwich at a ballgame? Please.

[H/T Cut4]