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Ump nut shot: Barney’s movie had heart, but ‘Wiffle Ball in the Groin’ had… (vid)

It was a beautiful day for wiffle ball, as evidenced by the blue skies marred only by billowy white clouds slightly obscuring the sunshine. Things were all set up for an epic game of the once-childhood-only past time-turned-adult-league mainstay.

During a game involving the Barnburners of the Washington D.C.-based Potomac Wiffle league, a third base umpire takes a wicked nut shot by a ball. The sound of wiffle ball meeting crotch is terrifyingly audible, a truly horrific sound.

The poor bastard of an ump lay prone on the ground the entire duration of the “live” portion of the video. But the wisenheimers who posted the video to the league’s official YouTube page were savvy enough to rewind the action so we can enjoy the schadenfreude of seeing a man brought to the ground by an epic wiffle ball nut shot.


[H/T SB Nation]