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Mets break Citizens Bank Park record by eating 103 cheesesteaks in one day


The New York Mets may not be putting their best team effort out on the field thus far this season, sitting at 28-29 (although 7 of its last 10), but when it comes to chowing down on an absurd amount of greasy grub, these guys come together in record-breaking fashion.

According to a report from the Star-Ledger, the fellas teamed up and ate an astounding number of cheesesteaks over the period of one day while paying a visit to Citizens Bank Park for a game with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Yep, the Mets ate a whopping 103 cheesesteaks in one day, over a period of 10 hours. The previous mark reportedly was somewhere in the eighties.

The impressive act of gluttonous overindulging occurred in April. Apparently, part of the clubhouse spread available to visiting teams to the Bank is an unlimited amount of the Philly staple, made fresh to order, among other items.

This all-the-cheesesteaks-you-can-eat practice evolved into something of a competition among visiting ballclubs, with each team attempting to out-eat the others. A scoreboard keeps track of team’s overeating and rules apply.

The cheesesteak eating competition is not without rules and calls for prior planning. To viably set a record, cheesesteaks can only be eaten after getting to the ballpark until batting practice, from the end of batting practice until the game begins, and for an hour window after the game has concluded. There are moratoriums during batting practice and the game, likely, so that players and coaches can proceed with their day jobs.

This is where the Mets’ astounding consumption of cheesesteaks is dealt a bit of a blow. The 103 of them the team ate came during a game that looked like it was going to get rained out, so players had plenty of time to chow down. Further diminishing the record-breaking pig-out is that the game ultimately was rained out, affording even more time.

But the Mets shattered the record, and credit mostly is owed to the team’s bullpen catchers, Dave Racaniello and Eric Langill.

Last season, Langill broke Racaniello’s three-game series record by wolfing down 17 cheesesteaks, easily shattering his fellow bullpen catcher’s previous mark of 14, a mark that had been unchallenged in years.

Ultimately, it’s a pretty ingenious coup perpetrated by the Phillies, compelling visiting ball clubs to overindulge on greasy, filling food on game days. It’s unknown if Rolaids are Tums are part of the pre- and post-game spread. One can get heartburn from simply looking at that mess up top.