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1993 scouting report: A-Rod ‘similar to Jeter only bigger and better’ (pic)


A fantastic piece of baseball history has been unearthed at Diamond Mines involving how the Seattle Mariners originally scouted then-17-year-old big-time baseball prospect Alex Rodriguez.

Seattle Mariners scout Roger Jongewaard — who passed away in 2012 after overseeing Seattle’s drafting of both A-Rod and Ken Griffey Jr., among other notable career achievements — clearly was impressed with the young Rodriguez, who at the time of Jongewaard’s scouting was a sure-fire prospect dominating high school ball at Miami high school Westminster Christian.

The most fascinating component of the scouting report has to be how Jongewaard favorably referred to Rodriguez as “Outstanding,” continuing the thought by arguing A-Rod was “similar to Jeter only bigger and better.”


A fair assessment, and for some time, the compelling argument could be considered extremely prescient. You know, before all that PED stuff came about involving A-Rod. More than once.

Moving on, at the time of the scouting report, Jeter was playing in Single-A ball for the New York Yankees after being drafted in the previous year.

Too see Jeter’s remarkably accurate high school scouting report, see here.

Of course, the Mariners made A-Rod the number one overall pick later that year and the rest, as they say, is history. Rodriguez became a star with the Mariners, he became a free agent following the 2000 season and ultimately signed a 10-year deal worth $252 million with the Texas Rangers. He was then traded to the Yankees, where he completed his transformation from a sure-fire Hall of Famer and possibly the greatest baseball player of all-time into a hated pariah.

Funny how things change.

Here’s a full image of the report, along with some handwritten notes.


The most eerily accurate observation contained in Jongewaard’s scouting report, though?


Funny how things stay the same, huh?

Of course, following an extremely contentious amount of lawyering-up by both sides, A-Rod currently is out the entire 2014 campaign for the Yankees as he serves a season-long suspension for violating the Performance Enhancing Drugs policy of Major League Baseball due his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal.

This of course means that despite his appearing to be bigger and better than Jeter early on, his supposed use of PEDs means that A-Rod is nowhere close to the player that Derek Jeter has proven to be during his career.

A-Rod remarked following his acceptance of the ban that he viewed it as a “favor” only further emboldened the view of many that he is an egotistical a-hole.

Oh, and since his suspension, he has been spotted looking kinda fat, to boot. Which is nice. For us.

(for more on why we love to hate A-Rod, feel free to peruse the Sportress of Blogitude archives)

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