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49ers, Colin Kaepernick’s reps reportedly set to restart contract talks


After reported negotiations hit a significant snag and were halted in light of the superstar’s alleged involvement to what originally was reported as a suspected sexual assault case, the San Francisco 49ers and representatives for Colin Kaepernick reportedly intend to fire up contract talks again.

As initial details began to emerge regarding Kaepernick’s suspected involvement in the case that involved a woman showing up in a Miami hospital after an evening partying with the Niners quaterback and 49ers receiver Quinton Patton and Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette with no recollection of how she got there, things appeared to be heading in a troubling direction for the quarterback.

In the days that followed, Kaepernick took to Twitter to vehemently deny the allegations. Subsequent investigations regarding the incident and related reporting appeared to bolster the quarterback’s insistence that things were not as they seemed. So much so, in fact, that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh argued in April that Kaepernick would be cleared of any wrongdoing, saying, “I feel very good there’ll be a good resolution, and hopefully a just one, too,” further stating that he would “hate to see [Kaepernick’s] reputation be the victim.”

Now, the situation seems to have evolved to the point that the 49ers believe without a doubt that the original reporting on the alleged incident was more of a witch hunt and jumping the gun and additional details will prove as much, as the team and Kaepernick’s reps have discussed meeting regarding an extension and intend to do so this week, according to a report in the Sacramento Bee.

This week’s meeting reportedly will be the first face-to-face meeting between Paraag Marathe, the 49ers’ chief negotiator of contracts, and Kaepernick’s representatives since the two sides met in Indianapolis at the scouting combine all the way back in February.

Given that 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said back in March that the team would like an extension signed, sealed and delivered before the start of training camp in July.

Kaepernick is entering the final season of his rookie contract and will make about $1 million next season if a new deal is not signed. It is believed that negotiations, no matter where they are at this point, would hover around the $20 million per season as a beginning negotiating number.

As far as the superstar quarterback is concerned, he’ll allow his representatives take care of the business aspects and will not allow it to become a distraction for him, even if differences cannot be ironed out before the start of camp.

“Once again, I’ll just let my agents handle that,” Kaepernick said last week. “And I’m playing football, regardless.”