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The Good, the Bad and the Puig: Dodgers star dazzles, confounds in one game (videos)


For every brilliant play Los Angeles Dodgers budding superstar Yasiel Puig makes with either his bat or his glove, he makes a complimentary semi-boneheaded play or suffers some off-the-field mishap that counteracts the awe generated by his oft-stellar on-field play. Rarely has one player — especially at such a young age — been so mesmerizing in one moment, so infuriating in the next.

Such was the case on Thursday night. With the Dodgers hosting the Pirates, Puig made an amazing running catch in the outfield, but earlier did one of his patented bat-flips, this time on a long double.

First, the incredible catch that occurred in the 8th inning with the Dodgers already down by three.

An admirable play featuring athleticism, speed and desire.

And then the bat-flip, which occurred in bottom of the 6th with the Dodgers only down by one. Puig, either really impressed with driving a double or more likely suspecting he hit it out of the park to tie the game, flipped his bat as he admired his rope.

If style points were awarded for flipping of bats, Puig certainly would have earned high marks for that one. I mean he really tossed that sucker. Great arc, height with just a dash of whimsy.

In fact, the bat-flip was so impressive — or, as alluded to above, so confounding — veteran Dodgers broadcaster and living legend Vin Scully referred to Puig as “The Maestro of the Bat Flip.”

That’s either high praise. Or subtle condemnation. Probably the latter.