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Gregg Popovich’s in-huddle pelvic thrusts set to ‘Pony’ because the Internet (video)

The San Antonio Spurs had no trouble in dispatching the Oklahoma City Thunder on its home court Thursday night, hammering the visitors 117-89 in front of its rabid fans at AT&T Center to take a 3-2 series lead.

Despite the lopsided score, Gregg Popovich, as he is wont to do, remained coaching, well aware that even in blowout wins (or losses), teachable moments remain aplenty.

Pop was particularly animated during one in-game huddle. With the Spurs holding a double-digit lead, the Spurs longtime head coach gesticulated wildly in an effort to illustrate some point or another, probably something about defensive positioning or some such thing. His jerkily hyper-kinetic moves had the appearance of wild pelvic thrusts, at least when taken out of context.

To further take Pop’s body movements even more out of context, SB Nation set the coach’s moves to Ginuine’s “Pony,” because, well, the Internet. Perhaps even more fitting given the team name,, in that to truly ride a pony, one must be willing to use one’s Spurs … or something. Yeah.

Either way, rock on with your bad self, Gregg Popovich, you dirtily grooving old man.