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Cubs auctioning off chair sat on by Masahiro Tanaka because stupid (photo)

MLB teams usually have some rather odd items available for bidding on their official online auction sites, but a recent posting by the Chicago Cubs has to be one of the more ridiculous items ever offered up, no ifs, ands or “butts.”

A little over a week ago, the New York Yankees paid a visit to Wrigley Field. Of course, as with every stadium the team visits this season, the series became something of a sideshow on the Derek Jeter Super Happy Fun Time Farewell Gift Grab Tour. The Cubs presented the retiring Yankees captain a No. 2 from Wrigley’s famed scoreboard, but the Yankees may have left something far more valuable “behind,” no pun intended. Okay, pun intended. The quotes pretty much imply that.

Barely tangentially related to Jeter’s final appearance at Wrigley Field was a folding chair that apparently supported the backside of the Yankees’ first-year pitching star, Masahiro Tanaka.

And it’s not me making the tangential connection between a chair sat upon by Tanaka while in Wrigley’s visitor clubhouse: That distinction is made in the auction listing’s damn title (via


The current top bid at the time of this post “sits” at $310. Talk about tickling potential bidders’ buying bones! It’s piece of history, people! Irrelevant, useless and nonessential piece of history, but history nonetheless.

And for the record, that’s three sitting-on-chair-related puns in this post. Hey, when you got it, you got it.

UPDATE: Further inspection of the Cubs’ MLB auction site unearthed that the team is also auctioning off a folding chair Derek Jeter used, too.


So it all makes sense now, right? Okay, no, no it doesn’t.