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Caroline Wozniacki posts selfie, updates Twitter avatar to ‘bewitching’ photo (pics)


Of course, one of the biggest gossipy sports storis of the past week or so has been the sudden split between Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki.

Detail after detail that emerged since the original story broke seemed to damn the young golf superstar more and more, and from the looks of Wozniacki’s social media response, damnation of a bewitching manner may be in offing for Rory, if young Miss Caroline has anything to do with it.

First, though, Woznaicki, after her surprising first round ousting at the French Open booked a flight to Miami, where she posted the following selfie upon awaking in South Beach.

This trip to Miami of course puts Wozniacki in closer proximity to McIlroy, although she remains hundreds of miles away from the fiancé who so abruptly jilted her, as Rory is in Dublin, Ohio competing in the Memorial Tournament, where he jumped out to an early lead after one round of play on Thursday. At some point following her Miami morning selfie, Wozniacki also updated her Twitter avatar. And given what she has been through over the past week plus, it’s an interesting choice to say the least.


Huh. As the old saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Let’s amend that timeless philosophy and have it read “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned who posts photos of herself as a witch upon a sudden and hurtful breakup,” and then we have a pretty decent summary of what might be going on with this avatar switch. The photo originally was part of a collage Woznaicki posted to Twitter from last Halloween…

…but I think we all know what’s going on here. All Woz needs is an eye of newt, a lock of Rory’s curly hair and goodness knows what kind of havoc she could wreak on McIlroy’s suddenly recovering golf game.

Or worse, given that Rory did suffer some kind of injury during Thursday’s round at the Memorial. Perhaps darker forces — with Caroline behind them — were already at work. Scary and sinister stuff.

UPDATE: Since the publishing of this post, McIlroy finished up his second round at the Memorial. After firing a 63 on Thursday, Rory struggled mightily Friday, putting up a terrible 78 on his wonky knee. Cue “The Twilight Zone” theme music.

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