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Report: 50 Cent’s pathetic first pitch part of some hackneyed publicity stunt


If a Page Six report is to be believed, 50 Cent’s woefully horrible ceremonial first pitch before a New York Mets game at Citi Field earlier this week was not an embarrassing display of uncoordinated baseball mechanics. Instead, it was all part of a hackneyed publicity stunt to get 50 Cent’s name out there in advance of some upcoming projects involving the actor.

Subsequent video following the initial reaction to the rapper’s poor pitch showed him throwing some pretty good tosses in the bullpen, furthering the belief that the terrible try on the mound could in fact have been some kind of attempt at generating a buzz, albeit an embarrassing kind of buzz. An insider’s comments seem to corroborate that belief.

“He did it so he would get all the press,” said a Page Six source, allegedly some kind of insider. “He’s got a new album coming out, a new TV show on Starz and he wants to launch a tour.”

It is true that the rapper does have all those projects in the pipeline. In fact, initial reports indicated that the ceremonial first pitch was all part of promoting an upcoming concert at Citi Field. But given the tremendous egos typical of show business types — including and arguably especially a male rapper, whose positive public image relies on toughness, virility, manliness and so on and so forth, something Fitty’s unathletic toss does not demonstrate, not by a  long shot. It’s somewhat hard to believe that 50 Cent would willingly humiliate himself in order to generate some publicity. But anything is possible in this crazy, media-driven world.

Instead, wouldn’t it have made more sense had 50 Cent displayed athletic prowess and ripped a smoking fastball right into the catcher’s mitt. Given the frequency of utterly awful ceremonial first pitches, a brilliant one would have set the rapper-actor apart, a cut above the rest, possibly even generating a decent amount of publicity, although arguably not as much.

Meanwhile, in response to the speculation, a 50 Cent rep denied the allegations.

“It’s apparent in his excitement on the mound that he released the ball too early, clearly not a stunt,” the rep told Page Six.

That seems more likely than anything.