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Suicidal bird nearly gets ‘Randy Johnson-ed’ by Chase Anderson pitch (video)

There’s no way to no for certain if the bird that flew in between the mound and home plate during a Seth Smith at-bat during Wednesday’s Arizona Diamondbacks-San Diego Padres game was in fact suicidal — sadly, science is woefully behind on bird mind-reading technology — one thing is for certain: The bird came perilously close to getting “Randy Johnson-ed.”

As Smith called time after getting distracted by the bird-brained bird, D-backs pitcher Chase Anderson was unable to stop his momentum and delivered a pitch to the plate.

The bird did manage to avoid being struck — by an arguably wide margin, in fact — it nevertheless brought to mind the infamous pitch out of the hand of Randy Johnson back in a 2001 spring training game that obliterated a bird that crossed its path into a cloud of feathery smithereens.

Ouch. Diamondback broadcaster Bob Brenly opined that the bird from Wednesday’s game had a “death wish.” Either that or suicidal for sure. Or possibly, just a stupid old bird. That’s probably it. Not that stupid science is helping us at all in coming to a more insightful hypothesis.

[H/T Big League Stew]