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Nope, nothing ostentatious about this $690 World Cup shirt from Versace (photo)


So, uh, Versace has created a shirt to commemorate the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. And, um, it retails for the tidy sum of $690.

Nothing really much needs to be added to this post other than it’s nice that Versace is selling a shirt that amounts to the median annual household income — if not exceeds it — of some nations that will fervently try to follow the action at the World Cup play this summer.

Nope, nothing ostentatious, over-the-top or patently ridiculous about this shirt. Seriously, who would buy this thing?

Oh yeah, tons of people. Tons of stupid, image-obsessed, horrible people. Sigh.

[SB Nation, image via @versace]