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LeBron James rocks ‘Money Manziel’ Nike shirt not available until June 5 (pic)


Nike knows when it’s got a good thing going and is never hesitant to capitalize on it as soon as possible in order to maximize both hype and more importantly revenues.

So it should come as no surprise that the athletic apparel giant already is pimping its latest high-profile client,  Johnny Manziel, via a shirt that celebrates the Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback’s trademark “money” hand gesture.

The shirt “pays tribute to a big-time football talent with a camo screen print on a comfortable cotton blend,” and retails for $30.

Unfortunately, according to the Nike website, the shirt is not yet available but can be pre-ordered for a scheduled shipping date of June 5.

But there is one person who somehow shockingly managed to get his hands on one of the sure-to-be popular shirts. LeBron James.

Of course, LeBron is the current unquestioned King of Nike as it relates to marketability and endorsements, so it’s not surprising that Nike shipped one out to its prized superstar.

Worth noting is that none other than Manziel himself was the source behind the photograph of LeBron rocking his new Nike tee on Wednesday:

The photo came along with the message, “Finish them tonight @kingjames !New @Nike shirts on the way too,” indicating that Manziel hoped James and the Miami Heat would finish off the Indiana Pacers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Unfortunately, that was not to be, as James got in early foul trouble — not to mention possibly being distracted by Lance Stephenson courtesy of an odd ear-blowing incident — and the Pacers held on for a 93-90 win.

Also worth noting is that Manziel and James are not only partners at Nike, the two also share representation as Johnny Football signed with Maverick Carter, LeBron’s longtime friend and business associate, before the NFL Draft. James even took to social media to welcome Manziel to the fold.

LeBron’s message to Manziel read in part, “Welcome to the family Johnny Football! Let’s get it.”

Partners in crime, these two guys. Talk about an unstoppable force. And King James has the t-shirt to prove it.

Speaking of a potential bond between the two, maybe Manziel, now that he’s in Cleveland, can help lure James back to his home state to play with the Cavaliers. Any effort by Johnny Football would probably be more persuasive than a rapping grandpa, right?