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Jonathan Papelbon grabs Carlos Ruiz’s man boobs to celebrate walk-off win (video)

The Philadelphia Phillies won in dramatic fashion on Wednesday, beating the Colorado Rockies 6-3 courtesy of a walk-off, three-run homer off the bat of Ryan Howard.

Howard’s clutch round-tripper came with two outs in the bottom of the 9th and the Phillies, off to a rough start this season with a 23-27 record, celebrated the big win in raucous fashion.

At least one player arguably let the frivolity get the best of him, perhaps taking things a bit too far during the celebratory display.

And that player would be Jonathan Papelbon.

As the Phillies eagerly awaited Howard at home plate to congratulate the slugger, Papelbon could be clearly seen getting a handful of Carlos Ruiz’s man boobs…

Ryan Howard

I mean he was really grabbing on there…


Wow. There’s definitely some up-close-and-personal action going on there. And the look on Papelbon’s face … intensity, ecstasy, even … indicates that a Papelboner may have popped up he was so excited.

But come on, Papelbon. At least try to exercise some semblance of gentleman-like behavior if you’re going to be so aggressive. Have the decency to buy the guy a nice steak dinner before so egregiously going to second base with a guy. Gee whiz.

On second thought, from the orientation and positioning of the two ballplayers, Papelbon, in baseball sexual metaphor terminology, might have hit a walk-off home run himself.

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