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Hunter Pence thanks ‘Batkid’ for the return of his prized scooter (photos)


An upsetting incident for Hunter Pence over Memorial Day weekend ultimately had a happy ending on Wednesday when his scooter was returned to AT&T Park by police.

The scooter, which the San Francisco Giants outfielder rides a few blocks to and from the ballpark for every home game, was stolen from outside a restaurant on Sunday, eliciting pleas for its return on social media by Pence.

Things looked pretty sketchy regarding the return of the beloved scooter in the days that followed its pilfering, prompting Pence to announce on Twitter that he intended to order a new one to replace the stolen scooter.

But on Wednesday, while the Giants hosted the Chicago Cubs, police delivered the scooter to the ballpark. The cops reported that someone had dropped it off at a station.

Pence couldn’t believe that he had his treasured conveyance back in his possession.

“Gutierrez had this huge smile on his face, and he high-fived me,” said Pence, following San Fran’s 5-0 win, via the San Jose Mercury News. “I said, ‘What just happened?’ And he said, ‘They got your scooter!'”

In a nod to one of San Francisco’s recent cult heroes, Pence thanked “Batkid.”

“Thank you fans and media for helping me do this,” Pence said. “And the Bat Kid. I definitely want to thank the Bat Kid for keeping the streets of San Francisco clean.”

The attached photo to the above tweet of Pence celebrating being reunited and how it felt so good is, uh, a tad strange.

Alrighty then.

“Batkid” of course Miles Scott, the young cancer survivor who saved the city of San Francisco’s day in an elaborately staged Make-A-Wish project on Nov. 15, 2013. Videos of “Batkid” patrolling the city quickly went viral.

With the saga of the missing scooter now in the rear view mirror, Pence, now that he already had ordered a replacement, has plans for the original scooter, plans which even “Batkid” would gruffly nod and give his approval.

“Maybe we have it do something good in the community since this was like a ‘Together-we’re-Giant’ type story,” the outfielder said, referencing one of the team’s advertising slogans. “Everybody had my back, so maybe we can use the scooter to raise some money for charity. There are a lot of rewards out there for it. Maybe we can give it to the police officers that brought it in. Maybe we can find out who brought it in.”

And everything is right with the world.