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Doug Baldwin celebrates extension by popping bottle of apple cider (photos)


The Seattle Seahawks locked-up wide receiver Doug Baldwin for another two years courtesy of an extension that was signed on Thursday afternoon at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Baldwin, who was signed by the team as a free agent after not being picked in the 2011 NFL Draft, was the second-leading receiver for the Super Bowl-winning Seahawks last season. He had been tendered as a restricted free agent in March, but the extension means the wide receiver will earn $13 million over the next three years, $9 million of which is guaranteed.

But as far as Baldwin is concerned, the extension is a good thing but makes little difference to him as it relates to his life and how he goes about his business.

“Nothing changes for me just because I signed my name on a piece of paper,” Baldwin said via “Obviously, I have a little more security, but that’s not why I play football. I play football because I love the game and I put everything into it.

“This is about leaving a legacy and sharing it with other players. It’s not about individuals here. We’re always trying to get better and make each other better.”

So, how does a 25-year-old NFL star celebrate financial security and the knowledge that he will play for a team that has the makings of a budding dynasty for at least three more seasons? By hitting the clubs? Whooping it up?

Nope. By popping open a bottle of apple cider, of course. At the press conference, even.

Baldwin doesn’t drink alcohol, so as he sat fielding questions alongside head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider, a bottle of apple cider and champagne glasses figured prominently in the scene, alongside bottles of Gatorade and whatnot.

Not bad. Apple cider is awfully refreshing, after all.