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Brett Favre issues arm wrestling challenge, winner gets autographed headphones


Brett Favre, everyone’s favorite retired NFL gunslinger who now resembles a steroid-addled panhandler, recently took to the website Sqor (the same site where he posted a video detailing his 2014 NFL Draft predictions earlier this month) and challenged any would-be fools who dare believe they could beat him in arm wrestling. The winner will secure themselves a pair of Squor headphones autographed by none other than Favre himself.

What a deal … for those who don’t mind potentially suffering the same fate as the guy who arm-wrestled Jeff Goldblum’s scientist character Seth Brundle, who is undergoing a grotesque and strength-heightening transformation in “The Fly.”


Yeesh, moving on…

In reality, there will be no in-person, mano-a-mano arm wrestling match, of course, as you can see from the above screen grab.

And frankly, who would want to take him on?Again, “The Fly.” And look at Favre’s guns!

Nope, instead, Favre is challenging folks to come up with the best retort to the challenge in the post’s comments section.

Quite frankly, after a quick perusal of the comments section thus far, anyone with half a brain and some skill in using Photoshop has a good chance of winning those headphones. Seriously, it’s a metaphorical leper colony of postings in that comments section, man.