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Tigers’ Al Alburquerque sports studded leather bra and panties in clubhouse (pic)


Um … yeah. No reason has been offered for this, but no reason or explanation is really necessary, right? It is what it is. And that “is” is Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Al Alburquerque donning a studded leather bra, leather panties and a complimentary leather studded hat in the clubhouse on Wednesday at some point either before or after the team faced the Oakland Athletics.

Not only that, he then allowed himself to be photographed rocking the pseudo-S&M-inspired ensemble. Weird, wild stuff.

Here is the entire ensemble, in all its confusing and unsettling glory:

You see, this is a grown ass man wearing a quasi-feminine — albeit not the kind of femininity one seeks when looking for the sort of girl to take home to meet mom — set of undergarments. To make matters even more confusing, Alburquerque posted it himself to his own Instagram account. The accompanying caption to the photo reads, “La perra jaja,” which translated into English (via Google Translate) is “The bitch haha.” Alrighty then.

FOX Sports Detroit writer Dana Wakaji, while chronicling Thursday’s game on Twitter, linked to the Instagram pic and then relayed the following observation when Alburquerque took the mound against the A’s.

Fair enough. Who knows what motivates a “different dude” to do “different dude stuff.”

Perhaps it has something to do with the walk-off balk Alburquerque committed last week in the 13th inning of a 11-10 loss to the Cleveland Indians. But that sure is a long time between said gaffe and a supposed act of kinky comeuppance. Probably not. I guess he’s just a “different dude” and that’s it.

But what a different dude this cat is, man.

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