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Portly Thunder superfan ‘Thundor’ has Shaq, Barkley painted on his moobs (pics)


Thundor, the portly Oklahoma City Thunder superfan routinely spotted wearing a mask and going shirtless while cheering on his beloved NBA team at Chesapeake Energy Arena and known around the interwebs for years, has seen his popularity get kicked up a notch or two during the Western Conference Finals courtesy of a high-profile appearance on TNT’s NBA coverage.

Following the Thunder’s Game 3 victory on its home court over the San Antonio Spurs, Thundor, who goes by Garrett Haviland in real life, paid a visit to TNT’s “Inside the NBA” in-arena set, during which this following awkward exchange to occur between the superfan and Shaquille O’Neal.


Moving on, during Game 4 — which ultimately proved to be another Thunder win, evening up the series at two games apiece —  Thundor proudly showed some man boob love to not only the NBA analyst he cradled on his chubby chest a few nights earlier, but also Shaq’s TNT cohort, Charles Barkley.

How? By having an artist paint portraits of the two analysts on the canvas that his his flabby moob region.

Chase Dryden, the man behind the artwork, also posted a photo of his moobs-as-medium masterpiece on Instagram:

Breathtaking. Never before has Sir Charles or The Big Aristotle looked better. You know, when they’ve been painted on man boobs. Actually, that probably has never occurred before Tuesday, but you never know. The world is a strange freaking place.

[H/T Hardwood Paroxysm]