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Rapping grandpa’s hip hop track asks LeBron James to return to Cleveland (video)


Ladies and germs, please put your hands together — or alternatively over your ears — as Grandpa M drops some rap knowledge about how LeBron James should depart South Beach and the Miami Heat and return to Ohio to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Assisted by somebody who goes by J. Money and another young fella with the moniker Young Scoob, Grandpa M touts all the reasons LeBron should come back to the Cavaliers, in rap form, of course. At least that’s probably what he’s doing. I don’t know, I couldn’t make it past the first 20 seconds once the elderly inked gentlemen began “rapping.”

Yeesh. The YouTube description describes the video as follows:

HEY LEBRON’ is a rap written and recorded by the talented Grandpa M in hopes to bring The King back to Cleveland. The songs features his two grandsons and fellow LeBron fans, J. Money and Young Scoob. With the help of their friends, Evan and Austin Gregg, they were able to make the idea of ‘HEY LEBRON’ become real. ‘Hey LeBron we want you back and that aint no smack!’

It’s, uh, not good, almost exquisite in its awfulness. If there were such a thing as Bad Idea Jeans, Grandpa M would have been rocking them in this video.

I dunno, maybe the concept of a tattooed rapping grandpa pleading with LeBron to return to Cleveland in a hackneyed hip hop track and associated video looked good on paper..

No, it probably didn’t. Or at least it shouldn’t have. Sigh. But hey, who am I to judge. Keep on dropping rhymes over dope beats, Grandpa M … when he’s not yelling at kids about staying off his lawn. Or whatever.

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