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Julian Edelman hosts low budget, irreverent talk show called ‘Burgertyme’ (video)


On Wednesday, “Burgertyme,” a low-budget quasi-basic cable talk show, made its debut. It stars New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman serving in the role of intentionally semi-incompetent host.

In this particular episode — it’s unknown if there will be others — Edelman interviews teammate Chandler Jones. In playing up the bit as an uniformed talk show talking head, Edelman refers to Jones as “Jon,” which happens to be the first name of Jones’ MMA-fighting brother — noted via the show’s low budget graphics, whom Edelman erroneously goes on to discuss with the Patriots defensive lineman.

Taking prominent placement on the set is of course a big plate of burgers, because, you know, “Burgertyme.” Burgers are subsequently discussed and eaten.

Edelman sure is enjoying a high-profile offseason on par with New England Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski’s “Summers of Gronk.” Speaking of whom, sadly Edelman’s epic repeating t-shirt image battle with the Pats tight end is not featured on this episode.

It nevertheless is a rollicking ride of hilarity, although it does not possess the lip-smacking joystick appeal of the classic video game “Burger Time.” But then again, not many things do.

And remember, as noted in the low-concept, high-comedy bit: “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Burgertyme.” Indeed.