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Derek Jeter again makes sure young Yankees fan gets souvenir ball (video)

For the second time this season as he embarks on his much ballyhooed Farewell Happy Fun Time Retirement Tour, Derek Jeter ensured that a souvenir ball meant for young New York Yankees fan indeed ended up in the hands of the intended recipient.

During Tuesday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium, Jeter can be seen on the top steps of the dugout directing adults to get of the away and not interfere while he tossed a baseball to a young fan wearing a Yankees jersey.

Class act, that Jeter. At least on this occasion, the adults heeded Jeter’s direction, unlike the incident that occurred in early April when one grown ass woman shamefully — and unsuccessfully — attempted to get her grubby paws on the ball as Jeter played keep-away before passing the ball off to a young fan.

Some people, right?