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50 Cent seen throwing baseball competently before horrific first pitch (video)

Showing that sometimes the grand stage can cause some folks — even internationally known superstars — to crumble in the spotlight, 50 Cent was seen throwing a baseball fairly competently just before he took the Citi Field mound and threw arguably one of the worst ceremonial first pitches ever before the New York Mets-Pittsburgh Pirates game, which, as noted before, really is saying something.

Watch as 50 Cent engaged in some soft tosses in the bullpen to loosen up his left arm before the ill-fated ceremonial first pitch. As you can see, he isn’t half bad, zipping the ball to his catch-playing-partner despite a fairly herky-jerky motion that could be referred to as the kind on uncoordinated style one befitting the presumed poor mechanics possessed by a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie.

The rapper came off as pretty pissy on social media afterward, presumably from the guff he was receiving.

And yet, the video does provide some possibility of regained dignity for the rapper. Goodness knows he needs it after Tuesday night’s debacle of athletic incompetence.