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Behold, the first wave of ‘Johnny Manziel-Hot Dog’ memes (pics)


As is often the case when sordid stories break, such as the one involving the hoax lawsuit filed against Johnny Manziel, the Internet quickly become a snarky community of wisenheimers.

In a completely predictable outcome, the interwebs giddily took to smart-alecky Photoshoppery in order to humorously interpret the lurid and salacious details contained in the patently absurd sham of $25 million frivolous lawsuit inconceivably accepted and filed against the Cleveland Browns quarterback in Florida.

Of course, the central theme of the Photoshop work was inspired by the allegation that Manziel sent the plaintiff in the suit a photo of his penis placed in a hot dog bun. From there the Internet took over.

Sure, it was inevitable, but that does mean it can’t be enjoyable. To wit:

Ha. And a bravo for good measure. Just think, this is only the first wave. The best, I bet, is yet to come. it’s like the swallows flocking to Capistrano, only with dick jokes and wiener Photoshops.