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Edelman wears shirt of Gronk wearing shirt of Edelman wearing Gronk shirt (photo)


Huh? I think I got that headline right. If you think about it too much it makes one feel like the universe is collapsing in upon itself.

Anyway, regardless of the accuracy of the title, the game of t-shirt one-upmanship keeps chugging along between New England Patriots teammates and “Entourage” cameo cohorts Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski.

It all began earlier this week when Edelman, in a nod to a trend started by Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin — posted a photograph on Twitter of himself modeling a shirt featuring Gronk exhibiting his typical Gronktonian tendencies.

The next day, Gronkowski fired back by wearing a shirt featuring a photo of Edelman wearing said Gronk shirt.

And on Thursday, Edelman, celebrating his 28th birthday and unwilling to be outdone on the endless shirt meme thingy, posted a photo on Facebook of himself sporting a shirt featuring the image of Gronkowski modeling the shirt featuring the image of Edelman modeling the Gronkowski shirt. Got all that? Good. Here it is.


Edelman tagged the pic “#checkmate,” but to be honest, that’s unlikely.

Who knows how far these two goofballs can take this amusing act of whimsical chicanery and endless t-shirt skullduggery? Hopefully, we’ll see a t-shirt retort from Gronk sometime soon. You know, because that’s just how the Gronk Man rolls.

But sooner or later, the image will become so complex and overly detailed we won’t even know what we’re looking at anymore. Or even worse, the two will open some kind of t-shirt wormhole that will result in the complete obliteration of the known t-shirt universe. Whatever that means and entails.

Probably not, but sometimes it is best not to mess around with the unknowable and unpredictable construct of endless and repetitive imagery on shirts. Or something.